InnoProfile Initiative (project duration: from 01/2007 to 12/2011)

Hybrid Diode Laser Systems - Berlin

The InnoProfile junior research group, headed by Dr. Katrin Paschke, has developed powerful highly brilliant hybrid laser sources using micro optics and crystals from 2007 to 2011.

Compact diode laser systems have been designed to emit light in the visible spectral range (red, green and blue) with an output power of 1 to 3 W. They were realized in matchbox-size as hybrid diode laser systems. These light sources are not only maintenance-free at comparatively low manufacturing costs, but also distinguished by precise wavelengths, direct modulation, output stability, small dimensions, low energy consumption, and high reliability. These properties open up new applications in materials processing, sensors, medical technology and the entertainment field (e.g. display technology).

All work was executed in close coordination with regional small and medium-sized enterprises, which were not only informed about results, but also contributed with their market knowledge. This approach also aimed at sustainably strengthening the innovative and economic power of optical technologies in the Berlin and Brandenburg region.

Partial projects:

  • Development of semiconductor structures and optimization of chip technology
    • Semiconductor structures in the near infrared (NIR) spectral range with extremely low divergence
    • Structures for semiconductor lasers for 635 nm and 660 nm
    • Internal Bragg reflectors for wavelength stabilization
  • Design and realization of highly brilliant laser systems with optical output powers of more than 10 W in the NIR spectral range for frequency conversion
  • High-precision mounting of semiconductor devices and optics on microoptical bench
    • Design of a miniaturized laser module in the visible spectral range with integrated second harmonic generation
    • Further development of the processes for positioning in the sub-micrometer range
    • Optimization of the heat management system of active and passive elements
  • Design, realization and optimization of laser systems for the visible spectral range for cw as well as for pulsed laser operation

The BMBF initiative was funded with 3 Million Euro since January 2007 over a period of five years. For investments, another 1.4 Million Euro were granted by the BMBF in June 2008. This funding was used in wafer technology, in mounting and assembling as well as for acquisition of further equipment for device characterization.