(ultra capacity wireless layer beyond 100 GHz based on millimeter-wave travelling wave tubes)


Increasing demand for wireless internet traffic is a societal and technological challenge. The ULTRAWAVE project aims to develop a dense ultra-capacity backhaul that enables 5G cell densification by exploiting bands beyond 100 GHz. ULTRAWAVE targets to achieve more than 100 Gbps/km2 capacity. This is to be accomplished by combining for the first time a D-band PmP (point-to-multipoint) system fed by a G-band PtP (point-to-point) system. A full set of devices based on three technologies – vacuum electronics, solid-state electronics and photonics – with performance beyond the state of the art will be designed, fabricated and assembled to built a unique wireless system. For more details see: ultrawave2020.eu.

FBH's contribution:

FBH is designing, fabricating, and characterizing system building blocks such as medium power amplifiers, high-power amplifiers at D- and G-band as well as power amplifiers and down converters at G-band for integration into a fully operational system for a field-trial. For this purpose, FBH is using its in-house InP MMIC transferred-substrate technology.

Ultrawave is a Horizon H2020-EU.2.1.1. - INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP  ICT projet in the frame of networking research beyond 5G. It is fundend with approximately 3 million € over a period of three years.