(compact scalable MIMO radar modules for millimeter wave imaging)


Within the MIMIRAWE II project, a demonstrator for a MIMO imaging radar system with modular architecture shall be developed. This MIMO system is to be installed flexibly on satellites at different locations. Each tile of the MIMO system will have its own data preprocessing, enabling flexible power-efficient operation and image reconstruction. A further goal of the project is to develop highly integrated millimeter-wave front-end components to allow installing the radar system on small satellites.

FBH‘s contribution:

The development work at FBH will employ the InP DHBT-MMIC technology in order to realize highly integrated front-end transceivers in W-band. These transceivers will be assembled into modules using flip-chip technologies developed at FBH, resulting in ultra-compact system-in-package subsystems.

MIMIRAWE II is a project of the German Aerospace Center within the framework of space management. It was launched on 1.11.2019 and runs for three years.