Tapered Laser


The tapered laser consists of a single-mode RW section and a section with a taper structure for amplifying the light. Both sections set up an instable resonator. It is possible to connect both sections separatly.


  • Material processing like welding and soldering
  • Pumping of solid state lasers
  • Medical applications
  • Pumping of up-conversion fiber lasers


  • 630 nm to 1150 nm

Chip technology

  • Semiconductor layers by MOVPE
  • Combination of RW and BA laser technology


  • Open heat sink (C-mount)
  • Conduction cooled packaging (CCP)

Typical data

  • Output power up to several Watts
  • Excellent beam quality (M< 2 @ 5 W)
  • Narrow spectral FWHM