Laser with Internal Grating (DFB Laser)


The lateral confinement is achieved using a ridge waveguide. A Bragg grating which spans the whole resonator acts as a longitudinal mode filter.


  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Absorption spectroscopy
  • Non-linear frequency conversion
  • Cooling of atoms with Doppler effect (Bose-Einstein Condensation)
  • Application in atomic clocks
  • Interferometry


  • 760 nm to 1080 nm

Chip technology

  • Multiple step MOVPE epitaxy
  • After first epitaxy: Realization of the Bragg grating for frequency stabilization with holographic lithography and etching
  • Overgrowth of the realized DFB structure with MOVPE in a second epitaxial step
  • Ridge wave guide laser technology


  • AlN submounts
  • Open heat sink (C-mount)
  • 9 mm SOT package
  • TO3 package

Typical data

  • Output power up to 500 mW independent of the laser wavelength
  • Side mode suppression rate better than 50 dB with a spectral line width lower than 10 MHz up to high output power
  • Nearly Gaussian shape beam profile in a wide power range with a typical beam divergence of 20° x 10°