Optoelectronics Department

The Optoelectronics Department researches on design, fabrication and characterization of high-power and high-brightness laser diodes at wavelengths in the range from 630 nm to 1180 nm based on III-V semiconductor layer structures. The fabrication of laser diodes includes an established mounting technology for single emitters, bars, and assembling of modules including beam shaping optics, master oscillator power amplifier arrangements, and external cavities.

Increasing power, efficiency, brightness, brilliance and reliability of laser diodes is the focus of FBH's investigations. In addition to basic research on high-brightness laser diodes in the watt range, the institute develops custom-made laser diodes for material processing, precision metrology, medicine, non-linear optics as well as display and sensor technology. One of the increasing fields of interest is the qualification of laser diodes for use in space applications. FBH's activities are integrated in national and international research projects.