Laser Bars

Functional principle

Laser bars are a combination of multiple lateral broad area lasers into a single component. Thus it is possible to reach an output power of more than 1500 W from a single source.


  • Pumping of solid state, fiber and alkali-gas lasers (e.g. space applications and high-energy-class solid state systems)
  • Direct material processing (e.g. sources for spectral beam combined systems)
  • Free-space communications
  • Printing
  • Medical technology

Typical wavelengths

  • 650 nm
  • 670 nm
  • 780 nm
  • 808 nm
  • 850 nm
  • 880 nm
  • 920 nm
  • 940 nm
  • 980 nm
  • 1060 nm

Chip technology

  • Semiconductor layers by means of MOVPE
  • Monolithic gratings via surface etch technology or two step-epitaxial techniques
  • Contact windows by
    • projection lithography
    • implantation and isolating layers
    • deposition of metalization
  • Thinning
  • Scribing, breaking and cleaving
  • Facet coating and passivation for extremely long lifetimes


  • Hard, gold-tin soldered packaging
  • Conduction cooled package (CCP)
  • Expansion matched submounts
  • Additional FAC lenses (fast axis collimator) and external gratings possible

Typical data

  • NIR-Range:
    • laser bars with output power up to 1000 W CW, up to 1500 W QCW on passive heat sinks, up to 2000 W QCW when tested at 203 K [publication] [publication] [publication]
    • laser bars with narrow vertical far field for low loss, smile-insensitive external spectral stabilization [publication]
    • laser bars with high efficiencies of > 70 % from 808 nm – 980 nm [publication][publication]
    • high-brightness grating-stabilized mini-bars tailored for spectral beam combination applications [publication] 
    • high duty cycle, long resonator QCW laser bars for future high-energy systems [publication]
    • efficient high-power bars of single-mode emitters for dense wavelength multiplexing (DWM) application [publication]
  • Red spectral range (650 nm): Output power up to 10 W CW on passive heat sinks [publication]