Comprehensive electronic THz circuit characterization

Electronic devices and circuits at THz frequencies can be tested at FBH using an on-wafer measurement system up to 500 GHz. The equipment features precise semi-automatic probing (accuracy < 3 µm) and can map entire wafers without manual assistance. FBH has demonstrated low-loss interconnects (insertion loss below 0.5 dB up to 300 GHz) as well as calibration standards and methods with predictable performance up to 500 GHz.

FBH also cooperates with NIST, PTB, and industrial partners on calibration hardware and software, leading to verifiable high-accuracy results. Key focus of these activities is to overcome the inherent multi-mode waveguide propagation along with radiation and coupling effects on wafers at frequencies above 100 GHz. FBH further operates a spectrum analysis tool for oscillator and power amplifier characterization up to 750 GHz, as well as characterization facilities up to 2500 GHz based on Toptica terahertz spectroscopy platform TERASCAN 1550.