RF Power Lab

Work in the RF Power Lab is mainly directed towards high power applications in the 10…200 W range at the lower RF frequencies below 12 GHz. Most of the projects are based on packaged FBH GaN-HEMTs with 0.5 um gate length. For the integrated power amplifier designs up to X-band the FBH 0.25 um gate length GaN-HEMT MMIC technology is used.

Most of projects target novel concepts to increase the efficiency in wideband modulated power amplifier systems for modern telecommunication signals with large peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR). One promising technology is to use supply modulation, i.e., varying the supply voltage for the amplifier with the instantaneous envelope of the signals. Another option is to use load modulation, i.e., varying the load of the power amplifier with the instantaneous envelope of the signal. Both approaches are investigated in the RF Power Lab. 

Besides this, we are also generally exploring the packaged RF power GaN technology at FBH through master thesis and company cooperations in the RF Power Lab. Some of the recent student works are shown below.