HBT modeling for InP, GaAs and SiGe

Accurate large-signal HBT modeling is an indispensable tool for circuit design. In order to account for the specific behaviour of III-V HBTs, a new model was developed based on the GUMMEL-POON description. Two effects are most important to accurately simulate these HBTs. The first one is self-heating, the second one is the current dependence of the transit frequency, caused by high current injection into the collector.

Briefly, the FBH HBT model features:

  • partition of intrinsic and extrinsic base-collector diode
  • non-ideal base currents
  • self-heating and thermal interaction (by a thermal port)
  • current-dependence of base-collector capacitance and collector transit time
  • base-emitter and base-collector break-down
  • enhanced noise model: improved for 1/f range as well as for RF range of frequency
  • scaling with transistor size
  • unambiguous analytic parameter extraction from measurements

At the FBH, it is in routine use with in-house and commercial GaAs, InP-based, and Si/SiGe HBTs. Beyond this, it is installed already on several sites worldwide. The Verilog-A code including documentation can be downloaded subject to the following copyright information and disclaimer. Furthermore, the model is available upon request as a Design Kit for ADS, and in source code.

Download Verilog-A code and documentation (version 2.1)
Download Verilog-A code and documentation (version 2.3 with advanced noise model)

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