Microwave Department

The Microwave Department researches technologies and tools required for the development of microwave circuits and modules. In line with the general mission of the institute, the focus is on III-V semiconductor technologies (GaN, InP) and power applications.

The activities within the department comprise the following three main topics:

Focus areas:

Electromagnetic field simulation and applications

Electromagnetic simulation is an indispensable tool for the design of microwave circuits and modules. FBH  offers optimized solutions tailored to customer's needs and provide in-depth understanding of the underlying phenomena and parasitic effects.

Circuit design and device modeling

These key competences help to advance MMIC development. We focus on GaN-based power amplifiers up to X-band and InP-HBT circuits for W-band and sub-THz frequencies. These efforts are complemented by work on large-signal transistor descriptions for GaN HEMTs and InP HBTs as well as on modeling of passive elements.

Microwave measurements

For characterization of devices and circuits as well as for model verification, the FBH relies on high-level measurement equipment and a dedicated group.