µPQ - ultra-compact atmospheric pressure microwave plasma source

Atmospheric plasmas enable cost-effective treatment of surfaces, for example activation and cleaning of plastics or metals. For this purpose, the FBH has developed an extremely compact plasma source, which provides a microwave plasma with a power of up to 20 W. With this plasma source even temperature-sensitive materials can be treated without problems, and hence makes it also suitable for medical applications.

The very handy housing (114 x 33 x 25 mm³) of the plasma source contains a resonator for plasma excitation, a power oscillator operating in the ISM band around 2.45 GHz as well as control and monitoring electronics. Center piece of the power oscillator is an FBH GaN transistor, which efficiently feeds the microwave plasma.

The source is very easy to bring into operation; only a 48 V DC voltage, gas supply and water cooling are required. In addition, the plasma source is extremely flexible because it works with a variety of gases such as argon, air, oxygen and nitrogen. Even the water cooling can be replaced by air cooling if required. Therefore, the plasma source can be used as a stand-alone, hand-held solution as well as a part of industrial equipment.

For further information, see data sheet.