Prototypes for application of III-V Electronics

The prototype engineering group develops prototypes and models making FBH’s electronic devices usable in specific application fields.

System for pulsed transistor measurements

For characterizing GaN transistors, our institute has recently developed a compact measurement system. With this device, we can measure the drain current when pulsing the drain voltage up to 100 V. Gate voltage is kept constant during the measurement. Drain current is measured in specific time steps during the pulse. This procedure is repeated step by step up to the targeted voltage value over a predetermined interval of the gate voltage. The I-V profile of the transistor can be determined from the measured value pool obtained as a function of the time span after switching on. The device also has a substrate heater so that temperature-dependent pulse measurements are possible.
Thanks to the precisely tailored software developed at FBH, a wide range of parameters can be flexibly set and measurement data quickly recorded. The data is then evaluated with standard statistical software. The system is particularly suitable for the analysis of dynamic and thermal properties of GaN-FETs.

Compact plasma source in the 2.45 GHz ISM band

The atmospheric plasma source consists of a microwave power oscillator, a resonator with plasma amplification and control electronics integrated in a compact housing.
The supply of the plasma medium (air, oxygen, argon, ... ) and the cooling medium is designed in such a flexible way that the source can be used both manually (e.g. in medicine) and integrated in production or process machines (e.g. printing industry, coating plants). The plasma source achieves an output of around 20 W.

Potential-free probe tip – prototype

FBH has developed and successfully demonstrated the basic principle for a potential-free probe. With this measuring head for oscilloscopes, electrical signals in the frequency range from DC to over 1 GHz can be measured ground free and electrically isolated. This broadband measurement is possible even when small differential voltages are superimposed by a high common mode voltage. The measurement setup integrates an optical energy transmission for the associated electronics. The resulting probe tip can be used, for example, for diagnostics in the vehicle engine compartment or to characterize highly efficient power amplifiers for mobile communication. The overall system is optimized for the respective industrial application and miniaturized accordingly.