FBH news: 06.11.2020

Podcast on the Long Night of the Sciences

This year many things are different - also for the Long Night of the Sciences. Instead of lab tours and hands-on experiments on site, this year there will be a podcast. In episode 6 of the series the focus is on optics & photonics research in Berlin. The director of the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Prof. Dr. Günther Tränkle, is among the participants. He explains how self-driving cars can become reality with the help of LiDAR systems and how laser systems on satellites in space will be able to measure the concentration of the climate gas methane in the atmosphere in future. You want to find out what lasers are able to do and how the LiDAR principle works? Then simply listen! You can find the podcast in the ARD-Audiothek and on Inforadio.

The podcast is a cooperation between Inforadio and the Long Night of the Sciences. Once a month, Inforadio science editor Thomas Prinzler talks to scientists from Berlin and Brandenburg about future topics that concern all of us: Digitalization, climate change, nature conservation and the role of science in our society.