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Applied Physics Letters has selected FBH-papers as Editor’s Picks

FBH News: 30.06.2023

The journal Applied Physics Letters has selected the paper "Experimental and theoretical studies into longitudinal spatial hole burning as a power limit in high-power diode lasers at 975 nm" as Editor’s Pick. The publication by Seval Arslan et al. makes an important step forward in clarifying the limits to optical output power in GaAs-based high-power diode lasers. It combines studies of spontaneous emission and electro-optical measurements both in continuous wave and short pulse mode to reveal the impact of temperature, bias and optical field profile on CW output power.

The other Editor’s Pick is titled “Enhanced light extraction efficiency of far-ultraviolet-C LEDs by micro-LED array design” by Jens Raß et al. In this paper the scientists present results on far-UVC micro-LED arrays emitting at 233 nm with record efficiencies. Therefore, they enhanced the light extraction by optical reflections at the inclined mesa sidewalls of the micro-LED pixels.