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Long Night of Science - join us!

22.06.2024, 17:00 Uhr - 24:00

How chips with tiny structures are created and what we need them for: Take a look into clean rooms and special laboratories, dive into the world of semiconductor lasers measuring the size of a grain of rice and microelectronic components.

We offer many hands-on experiments & guided tours for children & adults.

Decide for yourself whether you want to be guided through the laboratory in a cleanroom suit or prefer to look at structures that are finer than a hair through the microscope. Identify spoiled alcohol with light or find out how coronaviruses can be rendered harmless with UV light. You can also take a look at our precision engineering workshop, which uses state-of-the-art equipment to process materials or produce workpieces from a 3D printer.

You can experience this and much more live with us! Here you can find our program.
Here you can find the Adlershof program booklet with all activities in the Science and Technology Park.

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For more information about the event, please visit: https://www.langenachtderwissenschaften.de/