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Laser World of Photonics & Cleo Europe

Trade fair and conference: 27.-30.06.2023, München

Visit us at the Berlin-Brandenburg joint booth hall A2.421 and meet our scientists at CLEO Europe. FBH scientists participate with the following contributions:  

  • Qualification of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers for Space-Borne Laser Modules
  • Investigation of bent DBR-RW Laser Diodes emitting at 785 n
  • Toward complex GaAs PIC-based laser sources
  • Diamond ”Sawfish” photonic crystal cavities
  • Generation of picosecond pulses from tapered laser diodes with over 40 W peak power at wavelengths of 780 nm and 830 nm
  • Fabrication of AlGaN Integrated Photonic Devices
  • Session: Single mode and narrow linewidth semiconductor lasers (Chair: Andrea Knigge)
  • Red-Emitting Distributed Bragg Reflector Lasers for Strontium-Based Optical Atomic Clocks
  • Quantum Control and Coherence of Orbital Levels of a Tin-Vacancy Color Center in a Diamond Nanopillar
  • Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Double Helical Plasmonic Antennas
  • Session: High-performance diode lasers (Chair: Karl Häusler)
  • GaAs-based wide-aperture single emitters with 68 W output power at 69% efficiency realized using a periodic buried-regrown-implant-structure
  • High power, internally wavelength stabilized diode lasers with epitaxially-stacked multiple active regions for LiDAR applications
  • High power CW 780 nm diode lasers for use in additive manufacturing
  • Monolithic MMI-coupler-based Dual-Wavelength MOPA at 830 nm for Spectroscopic Applications
  • Design strategies to optimize 660 nm DBR tapered laser performance
  • Extensive study of magneto-optical and optical properties of Cd1–xMnxTe between 675 nm and 1025 nm
  • Coherent Raman spin control for the generation of high fidelity entangled photonic states with group-IV vacancies
  • Mobile Raman sensors for on-site measurements to address agri-photonic and life science applications
  • Miniaturized crossed beam optical dipole trap for compact atom-based quantum sensors
  • The quest for ultraviolet vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers

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