Conference: 05.-10.05.2024, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

FBH is participating in the CLEO Conference with a variety of contributions.


  • Transfer Printing of GaAs-based Amplifiers on a-Si:H Waveguides for Evanescently-Coupled Light Amplification in the Near-Infrared Band (SM3G.4)


  • On scalability of static 940 nm VCSEL arrays (JTu2A.30)


  • Miniaturized Laser Distribution Module for Compact Sr-Based Optical Atomic Clocks (JW2A.90)
  • AlGaN on AlN/Sapphire: A New Material Platform in Integrated Photonics Technology (AW3J.4)


  • Coupled Mode Theory Fitting of Bragg Grating Spectra Obtained with 3D FDTD Method (JTh2A.208)
  • Tailor Bragg Grating Designs for Specific Laser Applications via Coupled-Mode-Theory Fit and Machine Learning (JTh2A.210)
  • Sawfish photonic crystal cavities with resonances at NV and SnV transition frequencies (STh4R.3)


  • Integrated Magnetic Field Camera Based on Infrared Absorption ODMR Mediated by Diamond NV Centers (SF1A.1)

Further details can be found on the conference website.