Events and Guided Tours for Vocational Orientation

Events and guided tours for schools

Upon request, the FBH offers guided tours at the institute and its laboratories, giving an insight into the working routine and the workplaces of scientists and apprentices. The FBH additionally informs about training and career opportunities in high technology at education fairs like vocatium and trade fairs such as Photonic Days Berlin Brandenburg.

Girls' Day at the FBH

Since 2014, the FBH participates each year in the Girls' Day under the motto "Small but powerful - innovations with microwaves and light" and enjoys the persisting popularity of this event targeted at schoolgirls between grade five and ten.

Starting with a short introduction, all girls get a survey of the research areas of the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut. Afterwards, divided in smaller groups, they become acquainted with various working areas of the institute and gain insight into typical processes and working steps during manufacturing of semiconductor devices.

After a guided tour through the institute, the pupils conduct own practical experiments such as "silhouettes with diode lasers" and wafer handling. They experience how powerful FBH’s mini-lasers are and how carefully wafers need to be handled. Wafers are the basis for semiconductor devices on which material with the desired properties is deposited atomic layer by atomic layer. Subsequently, these layers are structured by etching and metalization processes. A final view through a microscope shows, how small the structures of the powerful chips in fact are.

All information is usually given in German language.