Advanced Vocational Training and Knowledge Management

FBH is currently working on new concepts for further education and training in small and medium-sized enterprises in the area of optical and microsystems technology in Berlin and Brandenburg. About 400 institutes and companies are active within the Photonics Cluster

In close cooperation with OpTecBB the Science Management Department is developing new demand-based training concepts. Apart from traditional training courses there is a very special interest in tailor-made trainings, each for a very limited number of people. By enhancing the cooperation between companies and research institutes, existing resources and competencies could be utilized in a more effective and synergetic way.

Cross-generational human resources development

The network AlFaClu funded by the German Ministry for Science and Research aims to develop concepts and instruments to manage skills and competencies due to challenges caused by demographic changes. Since cooperation in the high-tech sector is common, even competitors act jointly in the area of further training. The project investigates incentive schemes and mechanisms to control the activities in this field.