Equal Opportunity

The FBH intends to sustainably enhance the percentage of women in its scientific and technical field of work by supporting women in management and at executive level as well as in skilled work. In order to open up good career opportunities for employees with children, FBH is committed to providing a family-friendly workplace. FBH supports both female and male employees having children or other family responsibilities with e.g. flexible work options, stay-in-touch programs and parental leave.

In 2009, FBH was awarded with the TOTAL E-QUALITY certificate for its dedicated involvement and measures to successfully implement equal opportunity. This certificate has again been awarded for another 3-year period in 2013, 2015 and 2018, respectively.


In order to arouse interest in girls for technical and scientific issues, the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut supports special events such as "Mädchen-Technik-Tage" or "Girls’ Day". The intention is to break up with traditional role models and increase the notion of girls towards technical professions before they decide for a field of study or an apprenticeship.
Further information on vocational orientation ...

Female technical staff

The FBH supports qualification and advanced vocational training of its technical staff by offering flexible work options.

Female students and scientists

The Ferdinand-Braun-Institut offers female students of physics, electrical engineering and related scientific areas internships and themes for their diploma thesis. FBH supports female Ph.D. students and scientists by offering contacts to appropriate networks and assistance with career-building programmes. Please contact our equal opportunity commissioner if you have any questions or special concerns.