Virtuelle Konferenz: 20.-25.06.2021

IMS 2021

Das FBH ist mit mehreren Beiträgen auf dem virtuellen International Microwave Symposium vertreten

  • A 26GHz GaN-MMIC with Integrated Switches for Discrete Level Supply Modulation
  • Digital PA Modulator with Phase Shifter for Phased Array Transmitters
  • Modeling Base-Collector Heterojunction Barrier Effect in InP DHBTs for Improved Large Signal Performance
  • Characterization of the Impairment and Recovery of GaN-HEMTs in Low-Noise Amplifiers Under Input Overdrive
  • High Conversion Gain Up-Converter with +5 dBm OP1dB in InP DHBT Technology for Ultra Capacity Wireless Applications
  • A Highly Linear Dual Stage Amplifier with Beyond 1.75 THz Gain-Bandwidth-Product