Konferenzen & Fachmessen: 02.02. - 07.02.2019, San Francisco (USA)

FBH auf der Photonics West 2019

Auf dem weltweit führenden Technologieevent für Optik und Photonik stellt das FBH seine Forschungsarbeiten vor und ist auf der Fachmesse am German Pavilion an Stand 4545 gemeinsam mit dem Spin-off UVphotonics vertreten. Details und das Konferenzprogramm finden Sie auf den Seiten der Veranstalter. Beiträge des FBH auf den begleitenden Konferenzen:



  • Session: Plasmonic Platforms and Optical Systems, Chair: Bernd Sumpf
  • Rapid and adjustable shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy at 785 nm
  • Session: Advanced Optical Sensing Systems, Chair: Martin Maiwald
  • Tailored diode lasers: enabling Raman spectroscopy in the presence of disturbing fluorescence and background light



  • High-power-class QCW red laser bars and stacks for pump and direct application
  • Advanced diode laser R&D
  • Current spreading suppression by O- and Si-implantation in high power broad area diode lasers
  • Recent progress in brightness scaling by coherent beam combining of tapered amplifiers for efficient high power frequency doubling


  • Plenary Session, Günther Tränkle (presentation)
    High Power Laser Diodes: Improvements in Power, Efficiency, and Brilliance


  • Single mode 500 mW at 633 nm using all semiconductor master oscillator and a dual stage amplifier
  • Miniaturized watt-level laser modules emitting in the yellow-green spectral range for biophotonic applications
  • Ultra-narrow linewidth diode laser based on resonant optical feedback
  • Multi watt-level picosecond micro-laser sources in the yellow-green spectral range



  • The impact of crystal defects on the efficiency and lifetime of deep UV LEDs


  • Tunable Y-branch dual-wavelength diode lasers in the VIS and NIR range for sensor applications


  • High-spectral radiance distributed Bragg reflector tapered diode lasers at 1060 nm with novel internal output DBR-grating
  • Reliability of high-power 1030 nm DBR tapered diode lasers with different lateral layouts
  • Investigation of controlled external feedback on the properties of low- and high-power frequency-stabilized diode laser
  • Impact of hydrogen migration on the operation-induced degradation of electro-optical parameters in (In)AlGaN-based UVB LEDs