Emission behavior of distributed Bragg-reflector ridge waveguide lasers exposed to strong optical feedback

N. Werner, J. Wegemund, D. Feise, K. Paschke, and G. Tränkle

Published in:

Appl. Opt., vol. 59, no. 28, pp. 8653-8660 (2020).

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In this work, the influence of strong optical feedback on the emission behavior of distributed Bragg-reflector ridge waveguide diode lasers emitting at 1120 nm with different cavity lengths and facet reflectivities is investigated. Based on measurements of the optical output power, central emission wavelength, and spectral emission width, the different diode laser types are compared while optical feedback up to -8dB is applied. The observed changes of the optical output power and emission wavelength as well as the occurrence of coherence collapse states give insight into the resistance against feedback of the different diode laser types.

Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik, Gustav-Kirchhoff-Straße 4, 12489 Berlin, Germany