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The impact of longitudinal spatial hole burning on the carrier density profile in high-power lasers

S. Arslan1, H. Wenzel1, J. Fricke1, A. Thies1, A. Ginolas1, A. Maaßdorf1, C. Mayo2, B. Eppich1, G. Tränkle1, P. Crump1

Published in:

27th International Semiconductor Laser Conference (ISLC), Potsdam, Germany, Oct. 10-14, ISBN 978-1-6654-4133-9, TuP2.5 (2021).


Spatially resolved spontaneous emission intensity and spectrum were used to demonstrate the longitudinal-spatial-hole-burning (LSHB)-induced non-uniform carrier density along the resonator in high power lasers. The impact of high bias is analyzed. Spontaneous emission spectra are calculated to separate the effect of carrier density, and temperature.

1 Ferdinand-Braun-Institut gGmbH, Leibniz-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik, 12489 Berlin, Germany
2 Department of Physics, University of Surrey, GU27XH, Surrey, UK

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