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Spectral behavior of high-power distributed feedback lasers

M. Reggentin, J.‑P. Koester, H. Wenzel, A. Knigge

Published in:

Opt. Quant. Electron., vol. 55, no. 5, art. 459, doi:10.1007/s11082-023-04747-3 (2023).


The mode hopping behavior of high-power distributed feedback lasers emitting near 780 nm is studied. The lasers have highly reflective rear and anti-reflection coated front facets. The influence of the phase of the grating at the rear facet is investigated by means of numerical simulations in the time domain taking into account spatial hole burning and self-heating effects. The simulation results are in agreement with experimental findings.

Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH), Gustav-Kirchhoff-Str. 4, 12489 Berlin, Germany


Diode lasers, Distributed feedback lasers, Simulation, Spectral behavior, Mode hopping

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