Termine 2017

Konferenz: 19.-24.03.2017, Dresden


Das FBH ist an mehreren Vorträgen und Postern beteiligt.


  • Mode-locking dynamics and pulse train stability of monolithic two-section quantum-well semiconductor lasers emitting at 1070 nm with different lengths and gain-to-absorber section length ratios
  • Optoelectronic Characterization of AlGaN-based MSM-UV-Photodetectors
  • Beyond classical band offsets: Employing multiquantum barriers for electron blocking in group III-nitride devices
  • Enhanced light extraction and internal quantum efficiency for UVB LEDs with UV-transparent p-AlGaN superlattices
  • Influence of the GaN:Mg contact layer on the electro-optical properties of UVB LEDs
  • Surface-morphology transition between step-flow growth and step bunching
  • Superconducting ferecrystals: turbostratically disordered atomic-scale layered (PbSe)1.14(NbSe2)n heterostructures


  • Ohmic V-based contacts on n-Al0:8Ga0:2N for deep UV LEDs
  • Influence of p-AlGaN superlattice and quantum barrier composition on electro-optical characteristics of UVC-LEDs
  • Investigation of electrical conduction mechanisms in Si-doped GaN
  • Determination of threading dislocation density of AlN on sapphire substrates by X-ray diffraction
  • Light extraction in UVC LEDs grown on ELO AlN/sapphire templates
  • Optical feedback stabilization of a passively mode-locked multi quantum well semiconductor laser emitting at 1070 nm

Konferenz: 28.01.-02.02.2017, San Francisco (USA)

Photonics West

Das FBH ist auf der größten Konferenz zu Photonischen Technologien mit  zahlreichen Beiträgen vertreten:

  • In-situ shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy: development and demonstration of a portable sensor system at 785 nm
  • Compact single-mode diode laser in the visible spectral range
  • Assessment of factors regulating the thermal lens profile and lateral brightness in high power diode lasers (Invited Paper)
  • Compact diode laser module at 1116 nm with an integrated optical isolation and a PM-SMF output
  • Narrow linewidth diode laser modules for quantum optical sensor applications in the field and in space (Invited Paper)
  • kW-class diode laser bars
  • Progress in joule-class diode laser bars and high brightness modules for application in long-pulse pumping of solid state amplifiers
  • Miniaturized laser amplifier modules for wavelength of 1180 nm with pm-fiber input and optical output power > 1 W
  • Coherent beam combining architectures for high power tapered laser arrays
  • Non-uniform DFB-surface-etched gratings for enhanced performance high power, high brightness broad area lasers
  • 3.5 W of diffraction-limited green light at 515 nm from SHG of a single-frequency tapered diode laser
  • Picosecond pulsed micro-module emitting near 560 nm using a frequency doubled gain-switched DBR ridge waveguide semiconductor laser
  • 633 nm single-mode laser diode module with PM fiber output
  • AlGaN-based metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors with high external quantum efficiency at low operating voltages (Invited Paper)
  • Improved light extraction and quantum efficiencies for UVB LEDs with UV-transparent p-AlGaN superlattices
  • Analysis of waveguide architectures of InGaN/GaN diode lasers by nearfield optical microscopy
  • 1030-nm diode-laser-based light source delivering pulses with nanojoule energies and picosecond duration adjustable by mode-locking or pulse-gating operation
  • 785-nm dual-wavelength Y-branch DBR-RW diode laser with electrically adjustable wavelength distance between 0 nm and 2 nm
  • Monolithic dual-wavelength diode lasers with sub-MHz narrowband emission at 785 nm
  • 1030-nm DBR-tapered diode lasers with up to 16 W of optical output power
  • In-situ metrology in multiwafer reactors during MOVPE of UV-LED structures (Invited Paper)
  • Operation-induced defect generation in deep-UV (In)AlGaN-based LEDs investigated by electrical and optical spectroscopy