frequent 10_2019 - Research news from the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut


Topic: Diode lasers for sensor & analytics applications

Customized developments

  • for rapid SERDS
  • for LiDAR applications
  • for nonlinear frequency conversion


Diode lasers change the dimensions – also in sensor technology! They ensure that overall systems become increasingly compact and can therefore be used in mobile applications. For many years, FBH has been developing advanced diode lasers along the entire value chain, from novel dual-wavelength diode laser chips up to a SERDS Raman system, which has demonstrated its capability in on-site analysis in precision agriculture. Moreover, FBH is increasingly combining its expertise in optoelectronics and III-V electronics, which results in sophisticated electronic control systems for pulsed laser sources. They deliver fast pulses in the nanosecond range with freely selectable repetition rates and can be used very flexibly, from materials processing to LiDAR applications. In this way, FBH offers tailor-made solutions that are precisely designed to meet the requirements of its customers.

This frequent issue informs you about current FBH developments for sensor applications. I wish you an inspiring reading!