frequent 09_2018 - Research news from the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut

Topic: FBH developments for space


  • application under challenging conditions
  • data highway in space – ultrafast optical communication at highest data rates
  • laser systems for spaceborne quantum optical metrology
  • power saving energy-efficient electronics for satellites
  • advanced micro-integration techniques


FBH develops sophisticated electronic and optoelectronic semiconductor devices for a wide range of applications, from chips through hybrid-integrated modules to prototypes and small-scale series. Our components are key enablers addressing the needs of today’s society in fields like communications, energy, health, and mobility. Developments for space are one of our major, yet particularly challenging application fields since the devices face enormous mechanical stress during rocket launch and strains resulting from the harsh environment in space. Meanwhile, Ferdinand-Braun-Institut has a proven track record in this field, contributing with its reliable, highly capable pump laser benches used in Tesat-Spacecom’s laser communication terminals to EDRS, the European data highway in space, as well as with its power amplifiers to energy-efficient electronics for satellites.

In our current frequent issue, we have compiled FBH developments used in space, which are, at the same time, technology drivers for a whole range of terrestrial applications. I wish you an inspiring reading!