frequent 07_2016 - Research news from the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut


Topic: Photonics for Medicine and Life Sciences


  • tailored semiconductor light sources – diode lasers & UV LEDs
  • handheld probe – bringing Raman spectroscopy out of the lab
  • looking into the hearts of living cells
  • therapy with targeted light


Medical technology and life sciences have developed into the photonics market with the highest turnover for manufacturers of optical components and systems worldwide. According to the latest survey of the branch association SPECTARIS, 17 % of the global market revenues are generated by optical medical technology, which is therefore one of the centerpieces of German photonics. Our research project situation and increasing requests from industry in this field confirm this positive trend. Activities within the Zwanzig20 consortium ‘Advanced UV for Life’, managed by the FBH and funded by the German Ministry of Education and Technology with up to 45 million Euros until 2019, additionally underline the relevance.

In our current frequent issue we have compiled a selection of current developments utilized in optical medical technology and life sciences. I wish you an inspiring reading!