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High-power diode laser modules for short pulse lasers in high energy class applications

Short-pulse lasers delivering a high output power along with a high repetition rate are highly requested in novel applications such as X-ray generation, and for studies into laser-induced fusion systems for future energy production. Up to now, the key figures of short-pulse lasers, high power and high repetition rate, are usually limited to either one of these features. Now, such a powerful light source offering both characteristics has been developed within a joint project by the FBH and the Max Born Institute (MBI). The MBI is responsible for the overall system, an optically pumped solid-state disk laser, whereas the FBH develops the required pump modules. Each module consists of 56 laser diodes closely arranged together which deliver an overall pump energy of 6 J with a 200 Hz repetition rate. To couple the single laser beams into a glass fiber with highest efficiency, a relatively simple setup could be used due to FBH-made customized chips and a newly developed mounting technology which allows a laterally coupled heatsink. The power conversion efficiency at working point is over 60% and a coupling efficiency of more than 90% was achieved.

Further information regarding FBH's stack developments.


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