frequent 06_2014 - Research news from the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut

Thema: Terahertz electronics (nur in Englisch verfügbar)

  • advancement towards applications
  • circuits for transmitters & receivers
  • transferred-substrate InP heterobipolar transistors
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  • Forschung im Fokus


Terahertz applications - filling the gap between electronics and optics: The terahertz frequency range represents the spectral region between electronic and photonic waves. Applications relying on the generation and detection of terahertz signals, such as terahertz imaging, high-resolution radar, high-speed communications, and spectroscopy are in need of electronic circuits operating in the frequency band between 300 GHz and 3 THz. Conventional semiconductor technologies cannot reach beyond 300 GHz, prompting the research and development of novel device and circuit concepts.

FBH is pursuing several activities aiming to advance terahertz electronics itself, while helping industrial partners to develop applications requiring terahertz electronic devices.

We wish you an inspiring reading of this frequent issue presenting insights and current FBH results in the field of terahertz electronics