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High brilliance 1120 nm diode lasers for compact 560 nm light sources

The FBH has developed a compact source at 1120 nm which is ideally suited for frequency doubling to 560 nm, a wavelength used for time-resolved fluorescence and atomic spectroscopy, photocoagulation in ophthalmology, medical skin treatments, and high-resolution refractometry. Unlike currently available laser sources, the FBH laser offers direct modulation capability, high efficiency, and flexible wavelengths. The laser bases on a monolithic distributed Bragg-reflector ridge-waveguide diode laser (DBR-RWL) featuring high optical output power, nearly diffraction limited beam, and narrow spectral linewidth. Furthermore, the new laser chip comprises electrical heaters next to the DBR, which enables a flexible tuning of the emission wavelength. The DBR-RWLs achieved output powers up to 1 W and a maximum conversion efficiency of ~ 34 % with spatial and spectral single-mode emission. They are the basis for future matchbox-sized laser modules enabling mobile applications and handheld devices. Thus, results of in situ measurements are instantly available.

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