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Tailored picosecond laser pulse source PLS 1000

A compact diode laser pulse system PLS 1000 has been designed and manufactured at FBH combining in-house developed optical and electronic semiconductor components. PLS 1000 delivers ultra-short light pulses < 10 ps and provides any desired repetition rate from the Hertz to the 10 MHz range; pulse peak performance reaches > 10 W output power. With these properties, the efficient and compact laser system is ideally suited for materials processing in combination with fiber amplifiers, biomedical examinations based on fluorescence spectroscopy, and mobile short-range LIDAR systems.

The innovative system consists of a mode-locked laser with 4 GHz repetition rate, a novel pulse picker concept that enables picking single pulses, and an amplifier. All components are tailored high-end semiconductor diode laser chips. To enhance system speed, electronic drivers using FBH-made GaN transistors were developed. Thus, stable and user-friendly operation could be achieved. PLS 1000 can be operated either manually or computer-controlled and selects single pulses (single mode) as well as several consecutive pulses (burst mode).


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