frequent 04_2013 - Research news from the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut

Thema: hybrid diode laser modules

  • compact & flexible light sources
  • maximum robustness for space
  • extraordinary sensitivity for sensors
  • high brilliance for display technology
  • products in focus
  • research in focus


High-performance light sources in matchbox-size: From the near-infrared to the visible spectral range, FBH diode laser modules score with excellent features: precise wavelength, direct modulation, output stability, small dimensions, low energy consumption, and high reliability. These properties make the compact light sources highly attractive for various applications, from display technology, sensor and medical technology to space applications. The small-dimensioned diode laser modules integrate beam-shaping optics, external resonators, and oscillator-amplifier configurations into one package. We wish you an inspiring reading of this frequentissue presenting current FBH developments in this field.