The FBH strives to advance the development of micro-integration concepts to include ever more functionality into electro-optical modules. Using its III-V processing capabilities, FBH also develops passive components that do not generate light but are rather used to manipulate it (photonic integrated circuits) .

Current developments comprise:

  • MMI
    [+] REM-picture of a 1:2 MMI GaAs coupler for single-mode operation at 780 nm.
  • Ridge
    [+] REM-picture of the cross-section of a GaAs phase modulator for operation at 780 nm. Design and fabrication is by FBH. The center shows the ridge which allows for single mode wave guiding.
  • mode in disk
    [+] Top-down microscope picture of a SiO2 microdisk resonator coupled to a tapered optical fiber. The red light indicates the position of the guided mode.
  • disk
    [+] REM-picture of a SiO2 disk resonator fabricated by FBH. The thin SiO2 disk (thickness ~2 µm) sits on top of a Si pedestal