Research News 2021

FBH research: 26.08.2021

In-line control of waveguide structures for non-linear optical processes

Non-linear optical processes take place in waveguides with tiny cross sections and high index contrast. In order to achieve high efficiency, it is necessary to minimize optical losses. FBH has succeeded in this due to new findings by characterizing device surfaces with a new atomic force microscope.

FBH research: 21.06.2021

Highly linear MMIC amplifiers with beyond 1.75 THz gain-bandwidth product

The FBH has developed ultra-wideband MMIC amplifiers with a record gain-bandwidth product of beyond 1.75 THz. They are based on the institute’s InP DHBT technology and provide a very high output referred third-order intercept point >20 dBm and an excellent average gain of 24 dB.

FBH research: 27.05.2021

Extended capabilities – novel ion implanter starts operation

The new medium-current implanter system in FBH’s cleanroom allows an implantation energy up to 500.000 V, a beam current of up to 2 mA and using various ion sources. It also comprises a single wafer substrate holder that can be heated up to 800 °C during implantation.

FBH research: 26.04.2021

Novel tapered RW lasers for high-power LiDAR applications

FBH scientists show 3.3 ns long pulse operation with more than 18 W output power and an excellent brightness from novel tapered-ridge-waveguide lasers. Such lasers generating few-nanosecond-long optical pulses are key components of scanning LiDAR systems.

FBH research: 30.03.2021

Optimization of epitaxial growth based on photoluminescence

Photoluminescence (PL) is sensitive on various characteristics of III-V semiconductors which are related to conductivity and light generation efficiency. The materials analytics group at FBH uses various PL methods to optimize crystal growth for GaN laser diodes.