Research News 2019

FBH research: 12.11.2019

High-power lasers with buried implantation for current confinement

The FBH has fabricated broad area lasers using a 2-step epitaxial growth process with an intermediate implantation of ions outside of the active laser stripe. The second growth step removes the crystal damage and activates the implanted dopants so that highly resistive regions are formed.

FBH research: 22.05.2019

Fully GaN-based all-digital transmitter chain for massive MIMO

The FBH has developed a fully digital GaN-based transmitter module aiming to replace the analog transmitter chain. It extends the boundary of the digital domain behind the power amplifier, yielding several benefits including compactness, low energy consumption and flexibility.

FBH research: 30.01.2019

Ultra-narrow linewidth diode laser for LISA

The LISA satellite mission aims to detect and characterize gravitational waves. To achieve this, three laser interferometers will be used that require suitable metrology lasers. The FBH has developed a 1064 nm diode laser with resonant optical feedback to be used as seed laser, aiming to replace Nd:YAG NPRO lasers used so far.

FBH research: 09.01.2019

New record values for high-current high-speed LiDAR laser drivers

LiDAR sensors have become a fast growing market segment with a broad range of applications, from automotive to robotics. The FBH has developed the required GaN-based laser drivers, delivering 100 W optical pulse peak power with pulse widths from 3-10 ns and pulse currents from 180-250 A.