Products in Focus

Compact customized ns light pulse sources

For applications, such as in material and biological analysis, material processing, free-space communications and in metrology, FBH develops ns laser light sources with high output powers. For the first time world-wide, gain-switched 1064 nm DFB laser diodes with control electronics have been integrated into a butterfly housing. Thus, by mounting ultrafast GaN high-power transistors with corresponding driver adjacent to the laser, laser pulses from 1 - 10 ns with 2 W output power at a maximum pulse current of 3 A could be generated. Rise and decay time of the pulses are less than 0.5 ns. The beam is collimated by decoupling optics and the spectral width is smaller than 0.04 nm for the 1064 nm laser pulses. Within the housing, a Peltier element and a thermistor regulate the temperature. Due to the specific mounting and the comprehensive circuit know-how, a very compact source has been developed generating customized ns pulse repetition in the range of 10 MHz up to single pulses. In addition, diode lasers of any desired wavelength can be mounted.


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A. Klehr, H. Wenzel, S. Schwertfeger, O. Brox, A. Liero, Th. Hoffmann and G. Erbert "High peak-power nanosecond pulses generated with DFB RW laser" Electron. Lett., vol. 47, no.18, pp. 1039-1040 (2011).

GaN-based microwave power transistors

There is a wide range of applications for discrete GaN microwave transistors operating at frequencies between 1 and 4 GHz, comprising communication systems as well as industrial generation of RF power. FBH develops and processes corresponding devices for RF power levels of 25 W, 50 W and 100 W per chip. Prominent criteria in this context are high efficiency and reproducibility. FBH fabricates the transistors on 4" SiC substrates coated with epitaxial AlGaN/GaN functional layers. Product development and marketing of such microwave power devices is realized jointly by FBH and its spin-off company BeMiTec AG.

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